Area Temperance Contest

The rules are as follows:
Contest registration deadline is March 19th. Deadline to email speech is April 9th.

The oration (speech) must be typed and double spaced (a copy is to be given to the judges).

Oration must be original and convey a temperance message on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, diet, sexual immorality, music, dress, social media, physical fitness, etc..

Each oration must be written by the contestant and not by any other author. If the judges have the impression that a speech was not written by a particular contestant a Q&A may be initiated.

Factual material is very important. Source of facts must be stated. Current news and personal experience(s) will add emphasis.

Oration must have 10-15 stated facts for high school and 7-10 facts for grades 5-8. Include at “least” 3 bible texts. Speech should be memorized as much as possible. Memorizing previously published speeches is not permissible.

Oration must be between 5-7 minutes in length.

Props may be used. All props need to be cleared by judges before the contestant begins their oration. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification. Props include but are not limited to: hats, gloves, sunglasses, chairs, canes, bottles, cans, character outfit, etc.

Proper attire for oratorical contestants is/are: pre-approved costumes, Pathfinder Class A Uniform or Sabbath attire (suit, shirt and tie for guys, skirts, blouses, dresses for young ladies), any other type of clothing will disqualify contestant from participation unless approved as a prop.

Contest will consist of three rounds. All qualifying entrants will participate in the first round. First round will occur at the local club level (virtually or in person). The top 2 contestants will move on to the second round. The top 9 contestants in the second round with advance into the final round. Placement of first, second and third will be decided in the final round. This may be modified in accordance with level of participations.

If entering the contest be sure to notify your director or instructor, they will need to contact the area council.

A $300 prize will be awarded to the first place contestant. A $200 prize will be awarded to the second place contestant. A $100 prize will be awarded to the third place contestant.

Email written speeches to Associate Coordinator. Registrants whose speeches are accepted will be notified within one (1) week of receiving if the speech is acceptable for this year’s oratorical contest. The deadline for emailing a speech is “April 9th”.