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Background Check

All Pathfinder staff and volunteers are required to pass a background check once every 3 years. Here are instructions on how to complete a background check for the North Texas Pathfinder Area

1a: Spanish Application

1b: English Application

For new applicants, select “First Time Registrant”. If you are a returning applicant, enter your user id and password and skip to step 6.
Select “Southwestern Union” and click continue
Select “Texas Conference”, click continue
Create a user id and password, select continue
Enter ALL required personal information
Choose your home church and then click continue
Choose all the roles that you serve in at your church, then select continue
“Child Protection Online Awareness Session” is the class you need to take.
Click on the title when you are ready to start

After you complete the training, you will need to submit for a background check.

Click the “Complete the Verified Volunteers Background Check” link
Enter matching info from steps 5 and 6 & set security questions.

Start the background check by clicking “Get Verified” and fill in ALL info on the next several screens.
On the final screen, it will show the cost of the background check. There is an option for you to pay, but you do not have to – the cost will be covered by the church.[/cs_content_seo]